Love 'Em Like Jesus

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Home for a Little While

Last night one of our guests, let's call him T, drew the chore of sweeping the shelter floor. He grabbed the broom and what followed simply amazed me. He started at one end of the shelter and meticulously swept under and between each and every bed. The whole way to the back on one side and back to the front on the other, bending down frequently, looking under the beds to ensure he left nothing behind. He then swept everything to the front. Under the tables and chairs, behind and around the trash can, he left not one piece of dirt behind. I thanked him for his thoroughness and attention to detail.

This chore is one that is usually completed the quickest, with most guys just running the dust mop front to back, down the middle of the floor a couple of times. Then swept into the dustpan and discarded into the trash. Maybe 3 minutes tops. But that level of clean would not have been satisfactory to T. He wanted a detailed clean. After sincerely thanking Terry for the detailed cleaning he provided, he simply said “No, thank you for providing me a place to stay, at least for a little while. I appreciate HALO being here for me”.

So you see, T wasn’t cleaning our shelter. He was cleaning his home, at least his home for a little while.