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Home at Last

Where is your favorite childhood doll? Your son's old building blocks? Your grand daughter's first chapter book? Every day, those toys were played with and brightened up a child's life.

What about now? Are they sitting in a box in your attic? Maybe they're packed away under a fine layer of dust in your basement, for sentimental reasons. Are they stuck in a big trash bag surrounded by too small clothes and grandma’s old roll top desk.

What if I told you that they could have a purpose again, and so could those too small clothes and grandma's desk you don't have a place for anymore? They could light up another child's eyes and be played with daily once again. They can have a purpose, and you can keep that sentiment, because donating your old toys, clothes, and furniture has a twofold effect.

First, there will be a little girl, a baby boy, a newlywed couple, a college student, someone will come into the Bargain Center, pick out your donation, and take it home to enjoy. Second, what they spend in the Bargain Center will go into providing heat and safe beds for a mother and her four children, or food for a veteran who can't afford to cook at home.

Or, maybe the items you give will be the luckiest of all donations. They might go home with their new owners without any money changing hands. They will go into a new apartment with a sign on the wall that reads "Home Sweet Home," a bible on the nightstand, and someone slowly filling that apartment with cookware and furniture.

Those special donations go to graduates of our Journey of Hope program, individuals who are ready to move into their own place and who received a Home at Last voucher. They shop for their own furniture, dishes, lamps, and everything else to make a house a home.

So, with the weather warming up, consider doing your spring cleaning little early. Bring us your daughter’s dress that hasn’t fit in two years. Bring us those jeans that your niece bought you last Christmas but you know won’t see the light of day. Bring us the shoes that your grandson out grew two months after you bought them. Give them a chance to belong to someone else, all while you support the hurting, hungry, and homeless.