Love 'Em Like Jesus

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I'll Be Home for Christmas


Are you going home for the holidays? So are our guests! The only difference, our guests' home is HALO.

Mothers will get to watch their children the moment they see that Christmas presents arrived in the middle of the night in the amazing living room that's been set up for them. They can see them rip open presents filled with toys, games, and warm clothes for the winter! At the same time, our women can open presents of their own, with slippers, socks, lotions, and gels to help regain a sense of normalcy.

Our men will have hot cocoa and Christmas music around a tree while they open gifts of their own and can relax knowing they are warm and safe and loved! Our men will open up warm socks, coats, and playing cards while they have breakfast and warm cookies!

While you're celebrating the birth of Christ with your family, please keep ours in your prayers! When you sit down for dinner on Christmas Eve, spare a prayer for the guests who are eating in our shelter. When your children kneel by the bed, ask them to pray for the little boys and girls doing the same in the shelter.

Above all else, remember that all of this is possible through the generosity of our community! Every dollar you give, every shirt you donate, every knick-knack you buy at the Bargain Center helps to make sure no child in our shelter has to skip Christmas this year!