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HALO Thrift Ministry

Community Outreach Center (COC)

The HALO COC is where every donation, except for food items, start.

If you would like to volunteer in this ministry, you would be sorting donations, picking up donations, or delivering donations to our Bargain Center.

When you are sorting donations, you might be asked to test electronics to make sure they work. You might sort through clothing donations to make sure they are free of stains, rips, tears, or anything else that makes it un-sell-able. 


Bargain Center

After donations have gone through their examination in the COC, they head to the Bargain Center. This is a place where members of our community can find reasonably priced items and, at the same time, support our ministry!

When guests first enter the shelter, they are also given a voucher, called HALO dollars, that they can spend in the Bargain Center. They can pick out a coat, shoes, socks, or whatever else they need, and are given ownership of those items.

After graduating the Journey of Hope Program, guests receive a Home at Last voucher. They use this to furnish their new apartments with a sofa, table, chairs, silverware, and everything else you need when moving into a new place.

If you are to be volunteering here, you may be asked to arrange items for sale, hang clothing, and pull clothing that has been on the racks for a while.