Become an Angel of Halo

UP TO $ 99.00

Your donation of $40.00 will help us purchase 2 metal studs, tracking and misc.  items (screws,etc)

Become a Guardian of Halo

$100.00 – $250.00

A $100 donation will help provide building materials for the men’s shelter expansion

Become a Defender of Halo

$250.00 and Up

A $500 donation will help make it possible to build a token operated laundromat.




Restoring Dignity


HALO’s Men’s Shelter expansion is so vital to the men using our services. For the past 6 years, the men have to schedule to take a shower in our R&R, during a short window in the afternoon. Many of our men, who work during the day, can only take sponge baths. Building a shower room will allow the dust of the work day and many times the burden of the journey to be washed away.



Showers are only a small part of restoring dignity. The HALO laundromat, available for our shelter guests and those living in the encampments, will give them an opportunity to wash/dry their clothes in our token operated laundromat

Your support for this project is so greatly appreciated by the many guests who walk through our doors.