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Terri Roberts

October 2, 2006

Terri Roberts was a normal "English" (non Amish) woman living in Amish Country with her husband; her four sons and grandchildren kept close.

On October 2, 2006, Terri Roberts started her day just like any other. She read her devotion, did her morning exercise routine, left for work around the same time, traveled along the same route.

On her lunch break, Terri sat with her friend on the patio at work. The two heard sirens and helicopters in the distance and said a quick prayer for everyone involved. They finished lunch, returned to work, and Terri answered a phone call on her way in.

That call changed her life. Terri found out that Charlie, her first born, shot 10 little girls at an Amish school. Five little girls would never grow up or get married or have children and five more will live on with the physical, mental, and emotional scars for the rest of their lives; all because of her son's actions.

After this happened, Terri was sure that her community would turn away from her; who could embrace the family of someone who snuffed out 5 innocent lives and forever affected the way an entire community functioned? To her surprise, her neighbors, Amish and English, rallied around her, her grandchildren, her husband, and her daughter in-law.



More recently, Terri has been diagnosed with both lung and bone cancer. Yet, through all of it, Terri has kept her faith in God. She has kept the joy and peace and love that we all sometime struggle to find. She still has the spiritual strength to tell her story and spreading the value of forgiveness and faith.

Terri said "when the struggles bombard me, I do not retreat - I run to the Scriptures."


Join us!

Terri will be our key note speaker in the 2016 Celebration of Changed Lives! Join us in listening to this amazing woman's story and the power of His love!