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Where do you turn when there is no where else to turn?  You have not had a good meal in a while and you just don’t know where to find help.

HALO is here ready to provide an extended hand. We are a place with a long term purpose and steadfast strategy to break the spiral of homelessness. We are here for those who need that second chance to rebuild their life.

HALO offers a wide range of services that will help homeless men, women, and women with children to gain stability, build resilience, and rebuild their lives. From meeting basic needs including meals, clothing, hygiene, and healthcare to providing life skill classes, parenting classes, resources for children’s care, vocational and career training and Christ-centered spiritual guidance – you will receive all that you need to transform your life.

Meals Provided Daily

Shelters for Men, Women & Children

Resource & Respite Center During Daytime Hours

HALO Center of Hope

Administrative Office

Emergency Shelters, Resource & Respite Center,

HALO Cafe and Eagle Wings Children & Youth Program

119 South Boulevard Salisbury, MD 21804

410-742-9356 - Administrative Office

410-742-4211 - Fax

410-543-2003 - After hours

HALO Thrift Ministry

Bargain Center and Donation Center

701 Snow Hill Road Salisbury, MD 21804


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