Emergency Shelter for Men, Women, and Mothers with Children

Emergency – an unforeseen combination of circumstances resulting in immediate action, especially for help or relief.

Our guests arrive in a state of emergency. Whether through domestic violence, loss of a job, mental health or any other reason – the cry is still the same “HELP.” Our emergency shelter provides a welcoming bed, personal hygiene items, and a safe place to sleep. Both the Men’s Shelter and the Women and Children’s shelter have an “In-House” Overnight Resident Manager for the well being and safety of our guest.

In 2019 we provided

Bed Nights For Women And Children

Bed Nights For Men

Staying In Our Emergency Shelter

Our shelter services are provided on a first come, first serve basis, as available. Guests can stay for up to 90 days. After a 60 day exit, they can return for another 90-day stay.

Open 365 days a year – Sunday thru Saturday

6:00 PM thru 7:30 AM

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