Even as a young boy, Barry didn’t have a stable home environment. Moving from house to house, school to school, relative to relative – he never had the opportunity to develop a bonding relationship with anyone.

By the time he reached his teen years, Barry was running wild. He started drinking at 13 and didn’t look back. This behavior eventually landed him in jail numerous times. He would vow each time he was released to “pull it together” but he always lived in his past.

One day it all came down on him. His wife left him, taking his daughter with her. His sons were in foster care. He lost his job, his home, his vehicle and any hope for a better life. The last alcohol binge ended with time in prison. All hope was gone. Things would never be different.

As he was nearing his parole, his case worker suggested reconnecting with his daughter. He had not seen his daughter in 15 years. Barry received parole and was given approval to live closer to his daughter, but he would need to find a home.

HALO is a second change organization. Barry was approved to stay at HALO’s Men’s Shelter. Barry came to HALO with just the clothes on his back and a suitcase full of issues. Little did Barry know, life would take a different turn.

When he arrived, he was welcomed in! Our mission statement is to “love ‘em like Jesus” – unconditionally. Barry slowly began to accept that love. He joined the Journey of Hope program, started attending church and forgave the hurts of his past.

Barry completed and graduated the Journey of Hope program. He holds a full time job, bought a car of his own and moved to a place he calls home.

“I have never been around so many people that love me. I was hard when I came to HALO, but I learned about God’s love – I saw it in the people here. I asked Jesus into my heart. I’m forgiven and I have learned how to forgive. I thank God for HALO.”