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Experience the heart of HALO and gain a deeper understanding of our mission through a personal tour of our facility. Your tour will leave a lasting impression as you witness firsthand the challenges faced by our homeless guests and the compassionate care we provide.

What to Expect

A Personal Encounter with Compassion

During your tour, you will:

  • Witness the Blight and Hope: See the diverse range of our guests, from newborns to an 86-year-old woman, and understand the depth of our commitment to loving and accepting each individual as God’s child.
  • Experience Our Services: Whether it’s providing shelter, a meal, a warm shower, or respite, you will feel the love and hope we offer to our guests every day.

Common Reactions:

We often hear visitors say, “I had no idea all of this was here,” or “I had no idea you did this…”


Community Awareness Tours


Our tours are designed to increase community awareness about HALO’s work and how you can become part of this life-changing ministry. The tour includes:

  • Men’s Shelter: Walk through our 55-bed men’s shelter.
  • HALO Café: Visit the café where over 250 meals are served daily.
  • Laundry Facility: See our laundry facility in action.
  • Education Wing: End the tour in our education wing and have your questions answered.
  • Many more parts of HALO’s facilities!

Schedule Your Tour

To schedule a tour, please call 410-742-9356 and ask for Teresa. Tours last approximately 30 minutes and offer a comprehensive overview of our operations and impact.

HALO Center of Hope

Administrative Office

• Emergency Shelters
• Resource & Respite Center
• HALO Cafe

119 South Boulevard Salisbury, MD 21804

410-742-9356 - Administrative Office

410-742-4211 - Fax

410-543-2003 - After hours

HALO Thrift Ministry

Bargain Center and Donation Center

701 Snow Hill Road Salisbury, MD 21804


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