Celebrating the Success of the Make Room Campaign

We are thrilled to share some wonderful news with our Hope & Life Ministry (HALO) supporters. Thanks to your boundless generosity and steadfast support, we are delighted to announce that the Make Room Campaign has been fully funded! This achievement is a testament to the incredible camaraderie and spirit of our community.

Visit the Make Room Campaign page to learn more about the project.

A Vision Coming to Life

To address the urgent need for expanded facilities, we proudly launched the Make Room Campaign. Our commitment is steadfast, and the progress we’ve made together is inspiring:

  • Office Transformation: We repurposed some of our offices to create additional sleeping quarters, ensuring that we can provide a safe and comfortable space for more individuals in need.
  • Dorm Expansion: Our dormitories were enlarged to accommodate more families. This expansion was critical not only for our emergency shelter but also for participants in our Journey of Hope program, enhancing our capacity to support families on their path to stability.
  • Child-Safe Flooring: Safety is a priority, especially for our youngest members. The current painted concrete floors, prone to chipping, are being replaced. This upgrade will ensure a safer and more welcoming environment for the children in our care.

Each step we take in this campaign brings us closer to fulfilling our mission. The work is well underway, and with your continued support, we will see it through to completion.

Gratitude and Anticipation

We cannot express enough gratitude towards each one of you who has contributed to the Make Room Campaign. Your kindness and commitment are the pillars on which HALO stands. It is your unwavering support that enables us to continue our mission and expand our reach.

We eagerly look forward to the moment we can share photos of the completed project with you. It will be a proud showcase of what we can achieve together as a community devoted to making a difference.

Stay Connected

Be sure to check back for updates and follow us on our social media platforms. There’s much more to come, and we want you to be a part of every exciting development!

Together, we are making room for more hope, more life, and more love. Thank you for being a significant part of this journey.


With heartfelt thanks and anticipation,

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